300A Short Arc Welding Machine

High output current can be generated in extremely short time which can weld small jobs without damage. This is an ideal machine for the small jobs with tiny end need to be welded,like thermocouple, induction coil, electric motor & parts... etc.

Model: FS 80, 200, 300


  1. The most suitable welding method for material like copper, tungsten, molybdenum, as well as wires with very tiny edge. 

  2. A kind of non-contact arc welding, which can weld very tiny area without any use of scaling powder.  So there's no lead pollution at all. 

  3. As it heats the working piece only in a very short time, so there's not much influence to the surrounding area. 

  4. The actual welding time is according to the size, shape, and material of the working piece and its terminal.  However, it usually can be done within 0.1sec. With such short time, it shouldn't even influence the frame of motor at all. 

  5. Generally, short arc welder can replace most of work which is done by lead welding.



  1. Smallest heat-effected are involved.

  2. Digital control with a touch panel.

  3. Able to weld parts as thin as hair.

  4. Precise output current and welding time control. 

  5. Welding time can be as short as 20ms. 





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