300A AC/DC Plasma Welding Machine

Best suitable for aluminium welding

Model: Pla-Wel 301AD



  1. Both DC and AC inverter output, include all DC benefits, AC is best suitable for aluminum welding, up to 8mm without gouging. 

  2. AC/DC output can be simplily switched with a single toggle switch. 

  3. AC output is square wave, no high frequency trouble, easy to make auto welding. 

  4. IGBT power module used, save more power than conventions machines

  5. Apply touch panel, easy for the operation.

  6. 60 sets of electric operation parameter can be saved in the machine. Operator can load the previously parameter for the same tasks.

  7. Plasma arc is highly concentrated, Key-hold welding for the thickness up to 10mm without beveling. This function will greatly save the time and material waste.

  8. Independent pilot arc power which is able to continue working.

  9. Stable Plasma arc allows standoff variation.

  10. Pulse function available to attain good welding quality at thin plate.

  11. Gas flow adjustment is available; operator can set the desired gas flow rate on the front panel. (Separate gas console model is available for optional.)

  12. Initial current, welding current, crater fill current and pulse current could be adjusted separately to get the best welding quality.

  13. Digital controlled, parameter can be predetermined before practical operation.

  14. Power supply unit with servo wire feeder model is available for optional.



Welding Sample




  1. Customized specification can be made upon request.

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Automatic Welding



VS Tig


  1. Faster Welding Speed
  2. Stronger Penetrating Power
  3. Narrower Welding Bead
  4. More Stable Arc