CNC Pate Cutting Gantry

The only manufacturer for both of CNC system and plasma equipment in Taiwan. We offer gantry type designed CNC and wide range of plasma machines and controllers for the total solution of plate cutting.

Model: CNC-3000, 4000, 5000, 6000



According to customers feedback and request, we started to providd the entire cutting system for the customers.  Not only the power supply and torch, but also the CNC system since 2007.  Hereby the complete system from one supplier, customer will never experience the conflict between power supply manufacturer and the CNC machine provider.  Taiwan Plasma Corp., will be the one whol provides the total soluation for the client. 



  1. CNC gantry is dual side servo motor drive designed, deliver high stability in high speed motion.
  2. Drive servo motors are all apply Japanese high accuracy model.
  3. Cross direction drive: servo motor drive on grinding I-rail.
  4. CNC gantry and cutting table are separated design.   This is to avoid the impact when hanging the plate on the table.
  5. To archive high accuracy and long service period, CNC gantry and rail are precision manufactured, hardened on long and cross travel direction.
  6. Optional wireless control is available.  Operator can control the machine motion via a wireless device.  (Condition apply.)


CNC Flame Cutter

  1. Cutting Capacity up to 200mm at Mil steel.
  2. Gas powder marking is available for optional.
  3. 6 flame torches are synchronizable for better roductivity.


CNC Plasma Cutter

  1. Higher Productive:3~5 times higher cutting speed,no pre-heat is required to cut conductive material.Piercing cna be done in 1 second.(Piercing capacity depends on the plasma power supply unit.)

  2. Better cutting quality: reduce or even eliminate second process after plasma cutting.

  3. Easier operation:connect to power gas supply and consumables everyone can achieve good cutting special expert is required.

  4. Safer environment:can only apply compressed air for plasma cutting. No dangerous gas is involved.


WaterJet Plasma Cutting on Stainless Steel



  1. Lowest operation cost.

  2. Excellent cutting quality on non-ferrous material.

  3. Less deformation.

  4. Less heat effected zone.

  5. Less metal dust.

  6. Dross-free cutting

  7. Oxide-free cutting surface.

  8. Weld ready cutting surface.

  9. Higher cutting speed and better cutting capacity. (comparing to underwater cut)

Underwater Plasma Cutting on Stainless Steel

  1. No dust generates during cutting.
  2. Extremely small heat effected zone.
  3. Low cutting noise.
  4. Almost eliminate deformation.
  5. Weld ready cutting surface.

Dry Plasma Cutting on Stainless Steel

  1. Best cutting quality(cutting surface & verticality).

  2. Fastest cutting speed.

  3. Biggest cutting thickness.






  1. Customized specification can be made upon request.

  2. Our products are manufactured according to the latest technology. 
    We reserve all the right for products improvement.

  3. Photo(s) are for reference only. 





Our CNC plate cutting machine uses the best gantry portal design which are very Robust & are manufactured with jigs and fixtures.  This welded structures are then stress relieved & machined. further to this the key critical components from America, Japan & Germany are mounted.  Overall system after the assembly is thoroughly tested for the designed parameters . Our machines are designed for best productivity, long life structures , highest accuracy & repeatability.


CNC Cutting Cases



Stainless Steel Cutting Sample


Mild Steel Cutting Sample



These are our main advanced production process to make the high quanlity products for you. 
Our products are all made in Taiwan from the beginning to the very end. 


Quality Control

All the products have been tested and/or quality checked before the delivery. 
We are 100% confident about our product when it is delivered to the customer. 

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