800A Nitrogen Plasma Cutting Machine

Big power CNC plasma cutting machine with auto gas control function. Providing both dry and water injection plasma cutting function. Best choice for CNC stainless steel cutting application. Providing pure N2 water injection function in order to minimize the operating cost.

Model: Turbo-Cut 300D, 600D, 800D



  1. The most powerful N2 (Nitrogen) plasma cutting machine in the plasma cutting machine industry.  Technology cooperation with Japanese leading company. The maximum cutting current is unmatchable 900Amp.  Delivery the excellent cutting speed and cutting capacity.

  2. Full digital control: plasma system is microprocessor program controlled with a user-friendly 7” color touch panel interface. Both plasma and AVC parameter can be setup through this panel.

  3. Automatic gas control: only provide connect the proper gas supply to the gas console. Select the cutting current, the machine will load the default value of the gas setting. Operator can decide either apply the default value or adjust to the desired value.  The machine will automatically dynamic adjust to keep the consist output gas value in order to achieve the stable cutting performance.

  4. Special design for stainless steel cutting application.  The plasma system can cut at higher cutting voltage which provide larger energy to obtain higher cutting capacity.

  5. High speed pure N2 water injection plasma cutting: compare to traditional Ar + H35 water injection cutting mode, the pure N2 plasma can deliver maximum 58% higher speed. The cutting kerf can reduce maximum 15.4%. The cutting performance is much improved.

  6. Super economic gas cost: only apply N2 (Nitrogen) as plasma gas and H2O for shield gas, does not need other costly gases, like Argon (Ar) or H35 (35% H2 and 65% Argon) mix-gas to obtain an excellent cutting quality and performance in Stainless Steel cutting.  The running cost is much reduced. 
    (in water injection plasma cutting mode, N2 gas consumption is 29L/min @ 120Amp;  45L/min @600Amp)

  7. Provide both water injection and dry plasma functions.  Only need to change the consumables of the torch and setup the parameter on the touch panel.

  8. Multi gas functions, fit different need

    • Pure N2 water injection plasma: higher cutting speed and less cutting kerf compare to mix gas. No costly gases are required, delivery economic cutting cost. The cutting surface is closer to original stainless steel color and less hardness zone affect against to dry cutting. H2O shield during cutting, the dust is significant reduced.

    • N2 + H35 dry plasma: provide the maximum cutting capacity. It’s the ideal feature for thicker stainless steel cutting application.

  9. All new generation plasma interface: simply select the cutting current, the machine will automatically load the default value. With this feature, the machine does not require a very expert operator to make the job done.

  10. Operator can also manual adjust the value such as gas and AVC on the panel for special needed.   

  11. In case of trouble, the machine will display the error message directly on the panel.  The operator can easily check the status.

  12. Standard CNC: Come with standard CNC interface, can simply co-operate with CNC cutting machine.

  13. Compare to Laser cutting, Plasma cutting deliver many times for cutting capacity and more economic equipment and maintenance cost.

  14. Heavy Duty Cycle Design: power supply unit can work at 100% full power output (@40°C, up-to 4Hr).  Ideal for thicker and large shape cutting application. The machine is able complete most of continue cutting line with one start.  Avoid the tripping issue which affect the cutting surface due to the insufficient duty cycle.

  15. Marking Function available: the machine is able to perform plasma marking with cutting consumables.  Simply change the gas setting parameter by pressing the touch panel, no need to change the consumables.


Waterjet Cutting


Dry Cutting


Automatic Cutting





  1. Turbo-Cut 800D consists of one 300A and one 600A power supply unit in parallel connection.

  2. Customized specification can be made by request.

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Consumables  Testing

Testing Condition:

  • Cutting Current:800A

  • Cutting Voltage:180Vdc

  • Thickness:50mm

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • Plasma Gas:Nitrogen

  • Shield Gas:Pure Water (H2O)

  • Cutting Speed:650mm/min (Standard Speed: 830mm/min)

  • Continious Cutting Time:1hour (Consumables are in good condition








Auto Voltage Controller

Motor Type


Operation Environment

0~50℃, 95% relative humidity

Control Accuracy


Max Speed


Max Stroke


Lifting Capacity


Operation & Display

4.7" Touch Panel




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