800A Waterjet Plasma Cutting Machine

Big power CNC plasma cutting machine. Provide both dry and water injection plasma cutting function. Best choice for CNC stainless steel cutting application.

Model: Supercut 301D, 501D, 801D



  1. Super-Cut Series PLASMA cutting machine provides Full PLASMA cutting functions to fit various of metal cutting applications, including the following features:
    Water-Injection PLASMA Cutting: narrow kerf, low deformation, less dust and original color of cutting surface.
    Under-Water PLASMA Cutting: minimize the deformation and cutting noise for stainless steel.
    Oxygen PLASMA Cutting: deliver the high cutting speed, and good cutting quality without nitrogenize problem in mild steel.
    Compressed-Air PLASMA Cutting: supply gas free-charge PLASMA cutting function.
    N2 PLASMA Cutting: supply a low cost and no oxygenize PLASMA cutting for Stainless Steel.
    H35+N2 PLASMA Cutting: achieve a very perfect cutting surface on Stainless Steel.

  2. High duty cycle: 100% up to 4 Hours full power at loading. (@40℃).

  3. Higher cutting speed which overtakes tradition cutting method and laser cutting.

  4. Dual tip and single tip modes are available for selection:
    Dual tip: provides much higher cutting speed, better capacity, and also assistant tip can protect spatter from work-piece to extend inner tip's life.
    Single tip: less consumable, reduce the cutting cost

  5. Compare to conventional PLASMA cutting, Flame cutting and Laser Cutting machines, this equipment is able to deliver higher cutting speed and better productivity.

  6. Come with standard CNC interface, it's easy to connect to CNC/AVC or Robot to perform auto cut.

  7. Lower cutting cost:
    Oxygen long life designed consumables, it reduces much running cost of spare parts.
    The number of consumables is reduced, can only apply electrode and tip in single tip model.

  8. Powerful cutting capability:
    Cutting capability is up to 70mm in Mild Steel (260Amp, Edge start.) and 150mm in Stainless Steel (500Amp, Dry Cut and Edge start.)
    Bevel cutting is available, cutting angle is up to 45°.
    Step adjusted current setting, operator only need to setup the parameter according to cutting parameter to obtain a good cutting quality.
    Punch and PLASMA marking functions are available.


System Component

Full function of Plasma cutting Machine.   Simply press a button on the gas console, the system will automatically sleect the suitable gases for Mild steel/ Stainless steel.  No gas modification is required when every time change the cutting material. 


Cutting Sample







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Auto Voltage Controller

Motor Type


Operation Environment

0~50℃, 95% relative humidity

Control Accuracy


Max Speed


Max Stroke


Lifting Capacity


Operation & Display

4.7" Touch Panel




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