400A PTA Welding Machine

Establishing a welding pool on the working piece by the plasma arc, and then filling in the hard-facing powder on the surface, to make the working piece well corrosion & wear resistance. This is suitable for extrusion screws, ball valves, butterfly valves, drilling tools, valve seats, glass mold, boils... etc.

Model: PTA 201D, 401D



  1. Sturctured by IGBT Chopper, for the most efficient and stable output current.

  2. Controlled by a touch screen. 

  3. Comes with independent gas flow meters for plasma gas, shielding gas, and carry gas. 

  4. Digital control for output current, RPM of powder feeder, gas pre-flow & post-flow time... etc. 

  5. Parameters could be saved in the machine, and restored agin for the same welidng quality in the future. 

  6. Initial, welding, crater, and pulse current all could be set respectively for the best welding outcome. 

  7. Torch tip is directly water cooled, which is designed for high duty-cycle usage. 

  8. Powder feeder is driven by servo motor.  The powder feeding rate could be mirco and precise adjustable. 

  9. The hopper of powder feeder is transparent.  It is easy to see the amount of remaining powder in the feeder. 

  10. The control of automation and PTA welding could be combined in a single touch screen for change and monitoring



PTA Sample




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