800A Turbo Tig Welding Machine

Extremely high speed welding. When welding a stainless steel plate with 10mm thickness, no bevel cut is needed in advanced and the welding speed could be as high as 450mm/min, which is more than double of traditional plasma welder.

Model: TBT-800



  1. Improving the productivity & quality
  2. Shortening process & reducing cost
  3. Simplifying the welding operation



  1. This is a new-tech welding machine, which doesn’t require very skilled personnel to operate.  After a few hours training, a normal welder can easily make a great welding job with the machine.
  2. Excellent and stable quality with a very high welding speed.  The welding speed can be as high as 600mm/min for 8mm thickness, 450mm/min for 10mm thickness, and 300mm/min for 12mm thickness of Stainless Steel.
  3. Simplifying the welding procedure.  No edge planning, grooving, and back gouging is needed before and after welding, which can eliminate a lot of working hour, energy, and cost of material. 
  4. Due to dramatically increased speed ,heat input is greatly reduced, this also results in less working time on workpiece.
  5. Stainless steel ≤ 14mm of thickness can be welded without grooving in advance, so operators can reduce or even eliminate the amount of wire. 






Welding Speed

6mm    > 900mm/min
8mm    > 600mm/min
10mm    > 450mm/min
12mm    > 300mm/min
14mm    > 150mm/min

Speed of SS304 Welding (Square butt joint)


Frontview of weiding bead


Backview of welding bead


Welding Quality Test

RT Test 

Bending Test



Cross Section

Cross Section


Tensile Test


Metallographic Test


Metallographic Test





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Automatic Welding 




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