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Our Taiwanese culture always respects innovation & values relationship. Taiwan Plasma Corpo is an innovation driven company who listens to the Voice of customer (VOC) and design products to suit the plasma cutting & plasma welding needs. Our other customized products like stainless steel metal sand, plasma heating & plasma coating is a result of VOC demand.

Innovation culture is the work environment that our leader cultivates in order to nurture unorthodox thinking and its application. At Taiwan Plasma Corporation we are a Workplace that foster a culture of innovation generally subscribe to the belief that innovation is not the province of top leadership but can come from anyone in the organization.

Maintaining the status quo is insufficient to compete effectively, thus making an innovation culture essential for success for each of the solution made by Taiwan Plasma Corporation

We are proud to be portable plasma cutting machine supplier, CNC profile cutting machine. our high current more than 1000 amps hyper plasma makes us unique for thicker foundry casting & slab cutting. Apart from our system becoming reliable, our plasma consumable cost is lowest. Our many plasma cut parts are easily competing with many laser cutting application in terms of productivity, quality & speeds. Our cutting machine repairs are almost not required leading to lowest cost of ownership. Our torch technologies in plasma cutting & plasma welding makes our machines extremely reliable & long life assets.Our well equipment plasma document library has manual documents, download of service manuals, CCC download certificates, Preventive maintenance sheets & preventive maintenance schedules which give common care points. Our consumable products & service parts are easily available in your country.


Adhere to the best quality

In the heart of the achievements of the last three decades responsibly maintain the quality of brand management, the absolute quality assurance.



Historical Node


Having company trip to the east of Taiwan.


Built the third factory for vertical Integration and better quality control.


Sold another three sets of automatic PTA welding machines to the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world.


Sold a 800Amp Plasma Cutting machine to Nippon Steel, the leading stainless steel company in Japan.


Joined a R&D alliance and gained government funding for the development of economic type 3D printing machines.


Sold two sets of automatic PTA welding machines to the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world.


Making Short-Arc welding machine for electric motor, thermocouple, and electronic parts welding. The welding time could be as short as 0.02sec.


Granted CCC and CB certification in China.


Making 1200Amp plasma cutting machines. The max cutting capacity is up to thickness of 220mm (Stainless Steel).


Making multi-process (P+T) welding machines for automatic stainless steel pipes on-line or off-line production.


Honour of being appointed by Höganäs for designated PTA machine supplier.


Making CNC gantry for plasma and flame cutting. We are the only manufacturer who makes both of plasma cutting machines and CNC gantries in Taiwan.


Making Stainless Steel Filtration powder. We are the only manufacturer in Taiwan.


Built the second factory for different productions.


Gained government funding for the development of increasing burning efficiency of wasted oil by plasma.


Making 1.5MW DC power supply, which is the biggest one ever been made in Taiwan.


Having company trip to Korea.


Gained government funding for the development of plasma heating system.


Moving the factory and expanding the production capacity.


ISO 9001 certified by ANSI*RAB & UKAS.


Exporting plasma welding machines for automatic stainless steel pipes production.


Started Producing 500Amp and 800Amp Waterjet Plasma Cutting Machines.


Developed 2000KVA Transferred and Non-transferred Plasma Torch System with INER for treatment of nuclear waste. (The system was proudly started operating by the Premier of Executive Yuan, Taiwan)


Won the Best Contribution Award from Taiwan Welding Society.


Having company trip to Thailand.


Cooperating with MIRDC ((The Metal Industries Research & Development Centre) for high deposition rate PTA machines.


Making 500 Amp plasma cutting machines for CNC. The max cutting capacity is up to thickness of 150mm (Stainless Steel)


Making big plasma cutting machines for automatic operation.


Taiwan Plasma Corp. was established and started making small plasma cutting machines with owned brand.


The founder, Mr CC Ho, stepped into the field of plasma arc when he was a sales representative of imported TIG machines.